About Us

I've been loving mosaics since 2001.  I am a stained glass artist that is mostly self-taught, but fortunate enough to have traveled to Europe and taken some classes over there. Just jumping in and making mistakes helps you learn quickly.

I knew I wanted to open an online store and sell unique mosaic supplies. My husband and I had come to the conclusion that backers were not as readily available to mosaic artists as tiles and other tools were, so we decided to concentrate on first offering backers. Since then, we have come up with some other unique supplies for mosaics that have proven to be very helpful and popular.

Our name Skeew is actually our last name of Weeks spelled backwards. It's funny that some people see it and comment on this; others are surprised when they learn that. But that's how we came up with the name of our business.

I love helping others and continue to strive to find new and unique ways to create mosaics. Thank you for visiting Skeew!

We are located in Orlando, FL and our contact email is lweeks@skeew.biz.