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QUIKSTIK Mosaic Mesh (QSMM) is a non-alkaline fiberglass mesh with an adhesive, so you can easily place your tesserae on the mesh. If you want to remove and reposition the tesserae, it is easy.

When you have finished the mosaic on the mesh, set it aside. Apply the appropriate adhesive to your backer and then lay the mesh with the tiles onto the permanent backer into the adhesive. Remove any excess adhesive that squeezes up too high in between, as you need some space for your grout.

This mesh can be used outdoor or indoor. 

See this short how-it-works video:

we guarantee its stickiness for 6 months with a free replacement if stored properly

See the Sticky Test video here and read more here

IMPORTANT: fiberglass may irritate skin - wear gloves when handling - store in bag at room temperature and out of UV rays - use within 6 months - recommended to use tile that is 1/2" in size - tile that is smaller than 1/2" may need glue - place tesserae on sticky side - keep all exposed mesh areas covered so dust, lint, hair won't settle and cover up stickiness. Cut into small  sections when moving.

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This new mesh is super-sticky - pull it apart carefully and if you can, have someone help you open it up. Recommend you cut it into sections no larger than 12"x 12"

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