More Mosaic Art Sales Starts With "Easy"


Easy to do business with (ETDBW) that is. Being easy to do business with does not mean dropping prices, in fact it is the best way to avoid discounting. What it does mean is making your customer experience good. Being ETDBW is all wrapped up in this important concept – it's about them (the customer) not you. Here are some ways to make good customer experiences that turn into sales.

Be easy to find. The best way to be easy to find is to have a robust web presence. It has become even better than having the best location in town because people look online before they look on the street. The robust web presence leads to inbound traffic whether it is online, on the phone, or through the door.

Be easy to look at. Give your customers great photography, video, and a very welcoming website design for the online presence. For any local presence make it equally welcoming.

Be easy to understand. For the online experience it starts with the page description that a potential visitor sees on a search results page. That continues to the content on the website. In addition to having clear messaging, it is important to have working links for the site navigation, and accurate information.

Be easy to accept the customer's point of view and situation as the reality that we will work with. He may not be right, but he won't buy if he is not accepted as a customer.

Be easy to remember. Develop lists of customers and newsletter subscribers and stay in touch with them. The objective is to make and keep top-of-mind awareness with them. Make sure that your communications are of interest to them and not just about you.

Be easy to be paid. When someone is ready to buy, do not make her wait for even a second. It is the best way to loose a sale. Websites should be e-commerce enabled, and galleries should have prices by your mosaics.

The image above is titled "Dancing in the Curve of the World" by Josef Norris. It is a mural on the Performing Art Center Garage in San Francisco.

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