How to Get Creative with Mosaic House Numbers

Mosaic House Numbers for Your Home & Your Business

Here's an idea for giving your house or business more curb-appeal...mosaic house numbers. They are also great for selling at art and craft shows! But here's a creative twist on them for you - make each number a separate, independent mosaic on either a 5"x6" or 4"x8" or even a 6"x8" Skeewbacker. The other option is directly onto our Skeewbacker number shapes.

If you are making them for yourself, then you can hang them side-by-side or up and down, or however you want!

If you are in the mosaic business, consider making several of each number from 0 to 9 and selling them at art and craft shows. Then your customers pick what numbers they need and can hang them however they want.

A couple of things to keep in mind about house numbers. I live in Florida, so according to our Fire Prevention code, numbers cannot be less than 3 inches tall for residential buildings and must be at least 6 inches tall for all other buildings. They also have to be "plainly legible" and placed in a position easily visible from the street. Check with your local authorities and advise your customers as well.

Also, it's a good idea for house numbers to be placed near the front door and/or a porch light at or above eye level. 

But if your front door is not easily viewed from the street, consider some other options such as on a large pot or planter.

The mosaic fused numbers in these images were created by Martin Cheek and are available from him directly. Contact him at if you are interested in his fusions. They are truly beautiful and unique!

The Skeewbackers are easy to mosaic on and all you need to do first is install the hanging kit before you begin to mosaic it. Either thickness of these backers will work - it depends on your preference, so 1/4" or 1/2" thick are fine. I would recommend you use thinset for your glue since these will be outdoors. Then sanded grout and go ahead and seal the grout with a good penetrating sealer when you're all done.

Our Skeewbacker numbers are super easy as well. Just push the sawtooth hanger (comes with it) into the back of the number, then flip over and start glueing your tiles! These are beautiful once tiled!

So now you just need to get started and have fun! 


  • You do not have to put mesh on these edges – just use a good acrylic paint on the edge and on the back if you wish. Thanks!!

    Lou Ann
  • Do I have to put mesh on the cut edges? Do I need to apply a scratch coat first?

  • Hi Linda! I like to use Mapei’s UltraFlex 2 with polymers thinset. It works really well!

    Lou Ann
  • I purchased 3 backers do to my address. I’m new to mosaic work. What kind of thinset do you recommend? I live in the USA.


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