Grinder Bits - 3/4"

Grinder Bits - 3/4"

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These bits are Twofers and are 3/4" in diameter

Compatible with most current grinders, not compatible with DiamondTech Grinders or some older models. 

How to Select the Right Bit

  • 100/120 are the standard grit for normal materials like glass tiles, ceramics, porcelain, and more.
  • 170 are for grinding stained glass as they reduce the chipping other bits may create.
  • 220 fine grit grinder bits are best for very thin or delicate glass such as dichroic and irridized coated glass.
  • 600 grit bits are ultra fine and work best on softer materials like glass mirror.
  • 60 grit bit is a speed bit as it is Coarse and will remove a lot of material quickly.
  • 1/8" grinder heads are for cleaning away material in hard-to-reach areas.