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Order your boards to your exact specifications. Skeew now provides custom dimensions with our custom cuts of Skeewbacker Classic Backers.

Skeewbackers are ultra-lightweight, indoor/outdoor backers that are uniquely suited to larger mosaic projects like murals and floors.

Look no more if your mosaic project requires special board sizes. There is a minimum requirement of 10 square feet for the entire project, and boards can be cut to sizes of up to 36 inches.

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Recent Examples:

Customer wanted to mosaic a 30" x 50" wall area in her home. We cut her 4 boards that were 15" x 25" and shipped them to her. These sizes allowed her easier handling and installation and kept shipping costs down.

Another recent custom cut order was from an artist who had a commission to mosaic several circles and rectangle shapes for the outside area on a church wall. We cut her fifteen 14" and 16" round circles as well as sixteen 30" x 23.5" rectangles and fourteen 22" x 23.5" rectangle boards. Can't wait to see her finished project!

And an idea for mosaic teachers may be to use a dozen Skeewbackers that are 13" x 19" for a nice teachable size. 

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