Use Branding to Sell Your Mosaics (part 1)

Your brand, in short, is what people think of you and your mosaics. It is a composite that includes your logo, tagline, art, pricing, advertising & promotion, customers, customer experiences, and customer statements. What would you say they think of your mosaic business? If you want to sell more of your mosaics it matters a lot that you are known for making the kind of art you like to make or for teaching others what you like to teach.

When you want to buy a pair of shoes you probably associate characteristics of the shoes you need with a particular brand of shoes, i.e. casual and cushy could cause you to first look for Sketchers. That's what they designed their shoes and marketing to make you think of. Mosaic art buyers or students do the same when they want to commission mosaics or take a mosaic class.

When buyers are considering a mosaic purchase they look for art that fits their needs and wants. For example, if you wanted to learn to make mosaics of nature using layered stained glass, there is a brand on this list you would consider first. If you wanted to commission a mosaic of an insect there is a brand on this list you would consider first. If you want to learn to make mosaics with fused glass there is a brand on this list you would consider first. If an airport authority wants a large public mosaic, there is a brand on this list they will consider first.

Following are the names of some well known mosaic brands. All of these artists have clearly defined brands. What do you think of when you read these names? Check out their websites to see if your thoughts and their websites are consistent (I'll bet they are). Enjoy their great art too, then see how to make your brand.


Did you notice that each of them is unique? Also, they are consistent in the way they make their art. For example, Sonia King's art blends the symmetry of radial patterns in asymmetrical shapes. And Sherri Warner Hunter's work is three dimensional (sculpture) using concrete armatures.

There are two important characteristics of a brand that can be successful. First, it must differentiate the art (or the class) from all of the others - that's the uniqueness. Second, it must be delivered consistently. When a brand has these two things, buyers can begin to associate their needs/wants with the brand.

In part 2 of this article we will cover how you can create and develop a brand.

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