2 Keys to Promote the Sale of Your Mosaic Art & Classes

There are and have been many truly great mosaic artists that are unknown and unappreciated for the sole reason that their art has not been promoted. And, conversely there are many mediocre mosaic artists that are overrated because their art has been successfully promoted.

There are 2 key parts of promotion – an audience and a relevant message. Audience is first because no message is received without an audience, then before a message can be compelling, it must be relevant to the recipient.

Audience can be one person or millions. Audiences can be rented from publishers or be proprietary i.e. your email list. (Note: before you decide to make a full-time business with your mosaics, be sure the audience is large enough.) The carrier of the message is the medium. Media includes your owned website, social media, online display ads, arts & craft fairs, print media, email, direct mail, home and garden expos, trade shows, and networking whether personal or online. Your promotion must reach the largest audience it can.

The essence of a compelling message is that it informs its recipient about how the product changes their life or some aspect of it from a less desirable state to a more desirable state in as few words as possible. For example, "mosaic art turns a space from common to a beautiful expression of you." Pictures will help your message.

Questions for each of the products (art or classes)

  • How do your product(s) improve the state of your customer?
  • Through what media can you reach an audience of your target market with your marketing message?
  • When is the best time to promote your product?
  • What are your competitors doing?

The most important point – Without an audience there is no message.

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