Shoot the Dog - A Marketing Tactic to Launch Your Mosaics Business

Years ago I read an article about a photographer in southern California who regularly visited a park where many people walked their dogs. He would approach the human partner of the dog, ask permission to photograph the dog and offer to send them a print at no charge.

Many times after the photographer mailed the print with his contact information, the recipient would ask to book a portrait session of the dog or the dog and family. Sometimes, people would contact him, say they saw his print at a friend's house, and book a portrait session with their dog. The photographer said it was an effective marketing tactic for his portrait studio.

When I read the article, I immediately dubbed the tactic "Shoot the Dog." In addition to being an effective marketing tactic for dog portraiture, it works for other photo specialties, and it will work for mosaic artists. In the simplest term it's a form of "sampling" just like you see in the supermarket. Here are some ways you can use it for your mosaics business.

Think of people you know who entertain in their home. Make them a set of coasters or a trivet as a gift (they are easy to make and inexpensive). Be sure to put your contact information on the bottom. Perhaps they will someday decide they want another mosaic. When their guests see the mosaics, they may learn of you and your business. And who knows – they may want to buy a set of coasters.

Think of people who like to entertain in their garden. Make and give them a mosaic butterfly or dragonfly to hang in their garden.

Make a mosaic address plaque for you own home or mailbox. It will not only be seen by your neighbors, but your guests too. In addition to being a conversation starter about your mosaics business, it is a statement about your passion, and you will enjoy it too.

Think of professionals you know who have waiting areas, and make the gift of a small wall hanging for the waiting area. Some ideas: for a dental office – a plaque with a big smile; for an accounting office – an angel with "tax" on it to infer the office is a Tax Angel; and, for the automotive service shop – a plaque with "we rock – you roll."

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