• Hi I have the heart shaped garden stake, and I cannot push the stake all the way down due to my landscaping. My finished heart must be too heavy because it keeps drooping over on the stake snd then the hardware pulls out of the back. Do I cut stake shorter, and will that then support heart, and can I glue hardware back in or reposition and glue? Thanks

    Kim Grant
  • Hi Linda! We now sell the shape separately – just add on the way you want to hang it – so click on the Stakeable Kit option and it will add it then. Thanks!

    Lou Ann Weeks
  • Do you not carry the “complete” stackable shapes anymore? Or, do I need to buy both a shape and then a stake? Also, last question: I have a Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit. Do you need a copy of that so I don’t have to pay sales tax? Thanks! Linda

    Linda K Duryea

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