How to Mosaic a Patterned Backer


Skeewbackers with the design printed on them are brand new and really offer the mosaic artist an easy way to create a wonderful mosaic. 

There are 2 options for adding mosaics to these backers with patterns: a) cut little pieces and glue as you go; b) cut bigger pieces of stained glass to be glued down to the pattern. Before you start, read how to install the hanging kits here.

#1 - Cutting little pieces: using glass tiles, stained glass, ceramic tiles, whatever you like, cut out your small tesserae and glue down directly to the backer as you go. Use appropriate glues: weld bond is good for indoor and thinset is good for outdoors.

#2 - Using larger stained glass pieces: Start with a sheet of tracing paper. I like to work in small sections and move across the backer. Place the tracing paper on top of pattern, and using a pencil, trace the lines onto the tracing paper, in small sections. If you need to see your pattern better, as the pencil mark may be too light to see, you may need to trace over your the lines with a black magic marker. Now you have a pattern that you can use for cutting out your larger stained glass pieces.

I have a light box so I place the pattern on top of my light box and lay my stained glass pieces on top so I can see through the glass to the pattern below. Then I will use a marker and trace the pattern lines onto the stained glass pieces. If you don't have a light box, cut out the pattern from the tracing paper, lay on top of your glass piece, trace around it with a marker. Then you can cut out the glass piece.

To cut out my glass, I use my scoring tool and running pliers to score and snap each piece. I also use my Leponitts for a lot of the trimming. Then I grind the edges smooth with my glass grinder. I love using a grinder to help get each piece to fit exactly. 

After cutting out each piece, take it to be the backer, and lay on the backer to ensure you like the way it fits. If you need to adjust more, grind it with your grinder until you are happy with the fit. Then I like to glue it down as I go. This helps keep the pieces from sliding around while you are trying to fit the others around each other.

 After all is glued down, allow 24 hours for your adhesive to dry, then you can grout. Have fun!!


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