6 Ways Content Marketing Can Attract Mosaic Art Buyers

Content Marketing is really a new term for a century old tactic. For example, about 100 years ago, Michelin, the French tire company, wrote about restaurants to encourage people to drive their cars and thereby wear out tires more quickly.

Fast forward to the world online, and content marketing is creating relevant and valuable content to attract and engage a target audience, and ultimately drive profitable customer actions. Content can be in many forms including blogs, guides (like this), white papers, infographics, videos, podcasts, lists, books, research reports, and even applications.

There are at least six ways that content marketing can help you sell your mosaic art, or mosaic classes.

  1. Visibility. Your potential customers commonly find content through a third party's website. Both social media marketing and search engines are channels used to promote a piece of content and bring traffic to your website where the content resides. These channels have the benefit of introducing new people to your art, thereby increasing its visibility.
  2. Credibility. Showing visitors that you understand their problem and know how to solve it is one of the benefits that content can provide. Content marketing can also build credibility for your studio by demonstrating thought leadership as a mosaic artist.
  3. Trust. We think that trust begins with credibility. Getting trust from content marketing can happen when the studio is consistent and transparent with its content and presents in a way that provides a positive user experience.
  4. Favor. Content is proven to influence opinions and it can cause people to favor a brand.
  5. Engagement. Igniting emotions is a quick way to engagement, and content like videos, photographs, and slideshows are content forms that can be very engaging.
  6. Educate the Market. In every market, there are some who appreciate mosaic art and some who are uninformed. Content like blogs, e-books, and guides are some of the forms that can educate a market. To elicit the interest of the uninformed, the content promotion should acknowledge or show them they have a problem.

 There are four essentials for success with content marketing.

  1. Frequency. It feeds credibility and favor and builds audience. Getting there is dependent on the development of a production mentality like a publishing company. Blog post frequency should be at least once per month with more being better. Other types of content can be less frequent than the blog.
  2. Original Content. To differentiate your studio, its message and style must be embodied in original content. If all content could be curated, the studio would lose its differentiators.
  3. Editorial Calendar Integration. The ultimate objective of content marketing is to drive profitable customer actions. By integrating the editorial calendar with other marketing efforts (art shows, sales, etc.), the content marketing will support the revenue creation goals.
  4. Content Promotion Plan. Promoting content via social media is the most common channel to use. Additional options are numerous and could include paid search, email marketing, online display advertising, and more.

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