5 Economical Ideas for Mosaic Artists in Scary Economic Times

With prices going up and the possibility of tough economic times ahead, it may be more difficult to afford to buy things we’d really like to buy. So here are some ideas that may help you, a talented mosaic artist, get what you want in a few different ways.

  1. Can’t afford that new furniture for your home?  Improve your existing furniture with mosaics. Mosaics work really well in those “insets” in furniture or your kitchen cabinets or even on top of that outdoor table you’ve been wanting to replace. A beautiful new mosaic table top can help you fall in love again with your table.


  1. Can’t afford to buy expensive gifts? Make your own! They will be appreciated so much more because you made them and spent your time to think about the recipient. Who doesn’t love getting a mosaic trivet or spoon rest or even coasters?


  1. Can’t re-landscape your yard right now? Add your own mosaic garden art with stakeable shapes. You can even make new house numbers for your home that your neighbors will envy.


  1. Can’t buy that new house right now? Enjoy your existing home longer with a new mosaic backsplash, under the counter mosaic, or a mosaic entry mirror that you see first thing as you come in the door. You can also update your walls with your mosaic art hangings in fun, cool groupings that will draw the eye and set the tone for your space.


  1. Accent your windows with mosaics made on glass or acrylics, catching the light and displaying it beautifully through your glass mosaic hanging in that window. It helps bring the outside light in.


Just seeing new, beautiful mosaics you made and displayed in new ways, helps us appreciate what we already have and adds variety and spice to our lives!


One final tip:  Plan, Plan, Plan:

When creating your next masterpiece, you can save money at almost every step of the process with a little planning.

Start by making a list of all the supplies you may need in the near future and budgeting to buy them in bulk. This will let you get the most out of discounts and allow you to hit a minimum-purchase-limit for free shipping online.

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