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More than 140 backers and bases for mosaic art. Some are clear others are opaque. All are lightweight and waterproof. ClearBackTM is clear acrylic and more durable than glass. SkeewbackerTM is ultra light-weight opaque backer. QuikStik Mosaic MeshTM is self-adhesive fiberglass mesh. All are made to unleash your creativity. This is the widest and most innovative selection of backers available anywhere.


framed mosaic

For projects where the hanging system is in the frame, not the backer. Available in SkeewbackerTM and ClearBackTM


glass on glass mosaic hanging on a chain

This line includes SkeewbackersTM with a wire system, and ClearBacksTM and LinkablesTM with a hook & chain system.


mosaic trivet on dining table

Backers and bases for Home and Kitchen uses like trivets & coasters.


free standing glass on glass mosaic of blue jay

ClearBacksTM that are shaped to be displayed without a hanging system or using wall space.


mosaic of dragonfly on stake in garden

Free-form, elipses, & plaques with a stake for garden art. Stake and fasteners are included.


mosaiced shower

Large SkeewbacksTM for backsplashes, showers and plaques. They include fasteners to attach them directly to walls or wall studs.


quikstik mosaic mesh with a heart mosaic

Our famous QuikStik Mosaic MeshTM is self-adhesive fiberglass mesh which saves time and reduces mistakes.