Creating Customers - What Sharra Frank Says About Newsletters


Sharra Frank has 2 of the best websites in the mosaics world. What makes them great is that they are designed to create customers - the paramount objective of every business. One of the great things Sharra has done with her websites is make it very easy to sign up for her newsletter with an easy-to-use form on several pages.

I recently had the opportunity to interview her and in our conversation, she shared how she developed the websites and I asked her about her newsletter. Here's the essence of what she said:

"My first ever newsletter it was sent out by snail mail. I was lucky in that I began building my newsletter subscriber list long ago when newsletters were a rare thing. As we switched to email, people had not experienced email spam yet and they were not as hesitant to sign up. I initially built my newsletter list up with local contacts by teaching classes and by participating in art fairs, open studio events and shows.

When I started teaching online, it became even more important to build my newsletter with global contacts. I want to be able to stay in touch with the people that are interested in my work in a meaningful way so I present the subscription forms frequently. Visitors don't always start at the homepage so I added my subscriber option to extra pages on my sites."

Newsletters are often a cornerstone of email marketing and email marketing is one of the most effective means for creating leads and customers. One of the keys to making an email list work well is to find subscribers whom you can deliver relevant information to. It helps people solve a problem or answer a question, and it helps to establish your authority on the subject. When someone is looking for a mosaic artist to commission a work to or a teacher to learn from, the author / publisher will more likely be remembered and respected. That's why it works for Sharra.

You should visit her websites - Sharra Frank and Sharra's Mosaic Secrets to see how she makes her websites work for her business.

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