Cool Stuff for Mosaic Artists

Mosaic Tesserae

From the innovative NippinGlass line which is stained glass just for nippers to stained glass scrap you will find tesserae that enhances your creativity, saves you time, or saves you money.

NippinGlass tm

NippinGlass is stained glass made just for nippers. You don't need glass cutting skills or tools. It reduces wasted glass, storage, and shipping. Get it in three cuts.

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Fettuccine Glass tm

Fettuccine Glass is stained glass the same size as a fettuccine noodle - 1/4" wide by 6" long. It is great for mosaic borders, trim, outlining elements in your composition, and making very small pieces of glass without wasted materials or time. Just use your wheeled nippers to cut it. 10 strips come in a tube and that is enough to put a border on a 12" x 18" mosaic.


Fettuccine Glass

Stained Glass Scrap

Our scrap stained glass includes just about every kind of stained glass you can think of; opalescent, cathedral, confetti, Van Gogh, and Bullseye are a good start. Every pound is a mix of sizes, shapes and colors, and their dimensions range from 3/4" to 5". They are sorted in cool, warm, and neutral mixes. Buy them by the pound. (cool mix colors are blues, greens and purples - warm mix colors are reds, oranges, yellows and browns - neutral mix colors are whites, grays and blacks)


Stained Glass Scrap


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