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Saving Time by Taping Patterns to the Table

woman taping a pattern to table

QuikStik Mosaic Mesh does what it is supposed to - stick to stuff. A while back we wrote a blog post "7 Activities that Self Adhesive Mesh Eliminates to Save Your Time" because of the way it sticks to stuff. One side of the mesh, the sticky side, is made to stick to your tesserae. The other side is tacky and unlikely to slide around on your work table or the pattern that may be between the mesh and table.

When you are working with QuikStik Mosaic Mesh over a pattern, tape the pattern to the table. Here's how it saves time.

When your mosaic is finished and you need to move the mesh with tesserae to its permanent backer, the mesh is likely to lift the pattern if the pattern is not taped to the table. To remove the pattern from the backer, you will risk knocking tile off the mesh and spending the time to re-seat them on the mesh.

So when you are setting up your project, just secure the pattern to the table by taping each edge to the table. That way when you lift the finished mosaic your pattern won't be stuck to the mesh and you will save even more time by using the mesh.


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