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Most people have to develop creative ideas from time-to-time. You and I have to develop creative ideas all of the time. So to be better at that Maya Angelou gave some good advice. She said "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

It seems that creativity is like a muscle that gets stronger with exercise. There are a lot of exercises we can do. (Oh Crap! Now I remembered Hans & Franz on SNL and their "Pump you up" routine.)

Here are six good online resources. These are so good that you may want to spend time with some of them, so either bookmark this page or their page.

Creative Live
They have 30 videos of interviews with creative people. Each video is about 40 minutes. When you click on this link look to the list of names near the bottom.

This site mentions "business creativity" a lot. But I think creativity is creativity. Pay attention to the "Start Here (3)." There is even a tool to score your creativity.

Fast Company
They (a business magazine) interviewed 100 creative people about how they generate ideas and included 18 of them in this article.

Launch Your Genius
They prepared a slideshow titled "15 Ideas on How to Generate New Ideas" and shared it on Slideshare. After you look at it you should also visit their website for a lot of other articles. It is

Brain Pickings
This is a website with a library of long form articles related to developing creative ideas. Look down the left sidebar for an index and search tool.

Creating Minds
This page has a list of about 30 tools that can be used to exercise creativity. Each item in the list is a link to a page with details on how to apply the technique.


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