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What's Your Style?

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Everyone has a style. It is usually less recognizable for beginners because it changes rapidly as beginners experiment with different styles in order to learn. As skills and preferences grow, styles begin to change less frequently and become more recognizable.

If you want to sell your mosaics, it is important to understand your style and be able to define it. So what exactly is an individual style?

Your individual style is a result of choices you make as you combine mediums, techniques, and subject matter. Mosaicists may choose to name and define their own style. There is no good or bad style, just defined and not defined.

So why bother with defining your style? It helps to market and sell your art or craft. Different buyers are attracted to different styles. Once you can define your style, you can begin to promote the sale of your art more effectively. If you can tell an audience that you "create 3-D expressionist mosaics that are loosely figurative" you can more quickly appeal to those who may be attracted to your style.

Here is a fun exercise to help you think about "your style." Go to the internet and look up mosaics or just even better go to Pinterest and look them up. As you scroll through the images, if one makes you think "I wish I had made that," copy it and paste it into your word processing application. Keep adding until you have a couple dozen or more. Then go through what you have collected and one-by-one ask yourself what you really like about it. Write it down. Once you have finished your list, review it and pay attention to the things that were repeated. That will give you some insights.

To give some good examples of individual style, I combed through websites of Skeew's customers for some cool mosaics. There are a lot. Heather J Smith of Blue Front Studio whose "Sea Shell 3" (shown above), is part of her "Eye Opening Series." I recommend you visit it and her "Nebula series." You will see her consistent application of style choices throughout both series. Also notice how her style choices even extend to framing in the "Eye Opening Series." After you have viewed the mosaics, define the style just for practice. Click here to see these cool mosaics.


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