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How to Save Money on Mosaics - Idea #2

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Purchasing Pools.

When you place an order for mosaic supplies, it is probably for less than $40 in products. Then you pay (if you're in the US) as much as 36% of the product cost (about $14) to get it shipped. As a percent of product costs, that is about 2.5 times the 15% it could be. One solution is to order at least $100 in product - then the shipping cost as a percent of product value averages about 15%. That would be like buying at a perpetual 20% off sale.

But, as usual, there is a problem - you rarely need a $100 of supplies at once. There is another potential solution that no one seems to be using. Pool your purchases with other mosaic artists to order larger quantities and get the shipping cost down.

The average order from Skeew weighs about 2 lbs. The United States Postal Service which is the lowest cost service, charges $11.52 ($5.76 per pound) to ship 2 lbs. from Orlando to San Francisco. If the supplies for several artists are in a box that weighs 10 lbs. the cost per pound drops to $3.40. That's 40% less. If a pool is large enough to order 50 lbs., the cost per pound drops to less than $2.

Here are some ideas on how you might create a purchasing pool:

Get a mosaic art teacher in your area to help identify participants. They know enough mosaic artists to create a pool.

Work within the regional groups i.e. Michigan, Colorado, New England, etc. to form a pool.

Contact mosaicists that you already know or are connected with in social media.

Ask Skeew to help you identify people if you are willing to be the organizer for a purchasing pool.

We don't have anything against the parcel carriers who deliver products to you. But we do want more mosaic art in the world. If getting the cost down allows artists to make more art, that will be good.


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