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How to Save Money on Mosaics - Idea #1

tesserae on mesh being thinset to a vertical surface

Get larger quantities shipped to reduce postage cost.

Shipping companies typically charge less for the second pound and even less for the third pound. So when you are placing an order buy as much from the supplier as you practically can. When you are purchasing multiple items, and one supplier has an item at a lower price, it may seem prudent to make two transactions with two suppliers. However, it could be less expensive to purchase both items from the supplier who will be shipping the greatest weight. The table below shows postage rates published online by the U.S. Postal Service ( It is based on parcels originating from Orlando FL USA using standard service.

First we gathered the cost for a variety of weights to 3 destinations. Then we calculated the average cost per pound and more to our point, the incremental cost per pound. With that you can see that in the USA the second pound costs less than half the first pound.

table of postal rates


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