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How to Make a Mosaic Sign

no bare feet sign

As a mosaic artist, I always have glass shards everywhere, including the floor. So I decided to make a "No Barefeet Allowed" sign for my studio to help remind everyone (myself included) to wear shoes! The challenges with this project were cutting out a stained glass circle and then creating a different type of border for it.

Technique #1 – Cutting out a circle

As you can see in the image above, the circle is complex. There is a line running through it as well as barefeet and then negative space. There are several steps for creating this but it's not difficult, it's about knowing the steps to take. It's faster if you have a saw.

Technique #2 – Rope Border

I knew I wanted a different looking border and I wanted it thin as well. So this rope-affect worked perfectly. Very easy to do if you have Fettuccine Glass.

All of the step-by-step instructions are in the October 2017 issue of "Mosaic Technique." It's free and if you didn't get it, you can subscribe here and go right to it.


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