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Most of us think that to market our mosaic classes, commissions and artwork that we have to buy ads, send emails, post in Facebook, etc. This is all true, however, I recently stumbled upon another easy, cool way to talk about your mosaic passion.

Jewelry, yes, jewelry. I have a wheeled nipper lapel pin that I wear regularly. Recently my husband and I attended a gathering made up mostly of photographers. I only knew one or two people there, so when this happens, I find myself standing around listening to others talk about their photography.

One of the women in the group, noticed my lapel pin and immediately recognized it as a pair of wheeled nippers. She began to tell me about her mosaic projects and that it had been awhile since she'd made any. She went on to say that she was wanting to get back into it and we began a nice conversation, resulting in my giving her my business card as she expressed interest in our products.

If I hadn't been wearing my lapel pin, I would not have gotten to know this person as she'd have no idea that I was a mosaic artist. It struck me that just wearing this pin can really open up conversations and help market my passion.

Other ways to "wear" your passion for mosaics is in clothing. Leggings that have a beautiful mosaic print on them can be found, along with the pin I mentioned, in Skeew's fashion section.

"Live" your passion – wearing clothing with mosaic designs, jewelry, and carrying a tote with a mosaic on it are great ways to market your mosaics by opening up different channels of conversations.

Here's another idea if you teach mosaics: give your students a lapel pin and when they are asked about it, they can tell their friends how much fun they are having in your class and encourage others to join in.

I just wanted to pass on my experience as I think it will work well for you, too!


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