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woman hanging a two sided mosaic of a butterfly in a garden

Recently I was inspired by some other mosaic artists who made some wonderful outdoor garden mosaics, and decided to create one myself. But, I went a step further and made a 2-sided mosaic which I haven't seen before. I chose to mosaic a butterfly shape, because what's better for a garden than a butterfly?

This is a fun, easy project so here's the basic process I took to make mine.

I started with a Skeewbacker butterfly shape. They are made from wedi board and are perfect for outdoors. I knew I wanted mine to hang freely from a tree, so that meant both sides would be seen and I thought it'd be cool to mosaic each side differently.

Because I was going to hang this piece from a tree, I wanted to use wire to hang it with. So I poked a hole straight into each wing with one of my Skeewpicks. Very easy to do.

Next, I needed to finish the edges of the butterfly because there is exposed polystyrene and it should be weather-proofed. Using QuikStik Mosaic Mesh, I cut narrow strips and pressed them down over the edges. Then I mixed up white thinset and covered the edges with a thin layer of it and set aside to dry overnight. Note: Make sure you keep your holes free of thinset! After it was dry, I painted the whole piece with white acrylic paint as I didn't want any of the wedi board to show through my transparent globs.

mosaic backer with quikstik mosaic mesh on edges mosaic backer with holes for hanging mosaic backer with thinset around edges

My next step was to decide on a design and pick out my tesserae. I like to draw some of the design on my piece, as I did with the butterfly body. Since I wanted this to be easy and quick, I used pieces like globs, tiny tiles, cut mirror and stained glass. I also used an adhesive for mirror and thinset for the rest of my tiles.

mosaic butterfly with mirrored tile mosaic butterfly with blue tile

After all the tesserae was done on one side, I let it dry before turning over and starting the second side, so plan on giving each side time to dry. I then added the wire and glued a washer on as well to give added durability to the holes.

For grouting my piece, I chose black grout and went ahead and mixed up a large batch so that I could grout both sides at the same time. As soon as I finished one side, it was time to start on the other side, so it worked out well. Note: Make sure to plan ahead and have enough time to complete your grouting process all at once.

This is my finished project for my garden and I'm happy it turned out so well! Hope this will give you some ideas on doing double-sided mosaics!


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